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Diversity in the Workplace

Throughout the year we share our workplace with thousands of different species of birds, bees, bugs, butterflies, bats, flowers, plants, reptiles, mammals, and mushrooms that thrive in the hedgerows, woodlands and meadows of Graig.

From Summer Snowflakes to Watery Toughshanks; Beautiful Demoiselles to Darter Dragonflies; Red Admirals to Purple Hairstreak butterflies; Warted Knothorns to Spruce Bell moths; Dirt-coloured Seed Bugs to Broad-nosed Weevils; Hairy-Eyed Craneflies to Streakless Greenbottles; Digger Wasps to Nomad Bees; Palmate Newts to Common Lizards; Great Spotted Woodpeckers to Willow Warblers; Brown Long-eared to Greater Horseshoe Bats; Badgers to Otters. To name but a few.

Each has made a contribution in their own small way to making Mydflower what it is.

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